Knitting Lady

My not-so-new-anymore-hobby: Knitting! It’s an incredibly relaxing, stress-relieving activity and I feel like the younger generation has brought this hobby back to life. I love that I can make beautiful things by simply using yarn and needles! I’ve finally branched out my skills a little and have posted those items below throughout this page. I am more than happy to make something for you if you just ask! xoxo

My first scarf! -Freshman Year

Update! I finally learned how to knit a hat! This is a simple, one color hat…I have project books that I hope I can learn to follow and do multiple colors and different styles. It doesn’t look the best, but I think once I do more and learn other patterns then they’ll look nicer.

I found another pattern for a hat and love it so much more! I originally was going to give it to my fiance to wear since it’s a beanie hat, but it looks too girly for him. It has the purl stitch in it and turned out lovely. I also recently bought an ottoman/basket to store all of my yarn. I admit I have an obsession! Next project I’m going to start working on is a blanket. Pictures to follow on my progress!


I have officially started making my blanket! I have a whopping three squares made and I’m working on my fourth. The colors I’ve chosen are black, pink, and burgundy. Sounds like an odd combo, but they go so well together! Also, I just finished an infinity scarf for myself that’s just beautiful; the yarn is to credit for that! I want to also share a photo of my fiance’s wonderful Aunt wearing an ear warmer I made for her; she looks oh so happy and warm. Enjoy some pictures!

~Infinities are my new found love.

~Infinities are my new found love.

~Aunt Lesley

~Three squares closer!

~Three squares closer!

~3 colors

~3 colors

I am pretty disappointed to say that the yarn I was using for my blanket has been discontinued! I was so sad to learn this a couple of months ago. I switched to a similar brand of yarn and chose to do a red and black blanket for UC colors. Since my life is so hectic right now I haven’t been knitting much, but it will get done eventually. 😉

December ’14
I learned something new and made a twisted headband/ear warmer! Taking orders 🙂

January 6, 2016

WOW, can we say it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this page?? I have quite a few pictures to show you of some things I have made recently. I have found myself making GOBS of infinity scarves; they’re the “in” thing right now! I get so excited when I learn new patterns and if you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen them. Check my “About me” page for my Instagram name! Oh and also, for the collages below, be sure to click on the pictures themselves if you want to see their captions!


I made a bag?! Double tweed pattern. Love this for a little girl’s purse.

March 21, 2016

The first day of Spring was yesterday, but this past weekend was a chilly one! I finished another infinity scarf and I’m obsessed with the color. The warm golden color with gray mixed in makes it a unique color combo and reminds me of the warm summer. Can’t wait to wear this next winter!





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