How do I not have a page about our second pup?! We had the opportunity to adopt him after we fostered him for several months into this year. We started fostering him at Christmas and officially adopted him in April. Talk about a stressful time not knowing whether we could keep him or not.

If you asked me last year, I would have said no way to getting another dog. Having a beagle who “beagles” things was enough! I even joked to Tay by sending him a picture of me holding Duke at the office with the caption, “Look at our new puppy!” We didn’t think that it would actually come true…

He came to our shelter at just a few weeks old, certainly too young to be weaned from mom. We’ve found out he’s allergic to chicken, needs coconut oil regularly to keep his coat from drying out, and if he’s really excited to see you, he might just pee to show you just HOW happy he is.

We wouldn’t change a thing about having this big hearted, cuddly, snorty, wiggly pup in our lives. And don’t worry–the only way he’d ever hurt you is by licking you to death or wagging his tail too hard. Being a dog mom to two pups instead of one has been a transition, but it’s all worth it.