Moving Forward

It’s so much easier for me to write an update versus vlogging about it; it takes a lot of time to edit and upload a video as my computer/technology isn’t the best.

We’ve made a big decision in our lives and that is that we’re going to work towards adopting a child to start our family.

This decision came out of frustration and stress from the fertility clinic that we have been going to since last Fall. As I explained in my last vlog, we had a follow-up appointment on June 19th to discuss next steps and find out the results of Tay’s sperm analysis. We actually got good news: his sperm count was up a little! We decided to do another IUI as I was on day two of my cycle and the timing seemed perfect. The next day I started taking letrozole to mature my eggs and then I would return for an ultrasound on cycle day 10, the 27th. I had such high hopes that the medicine did its job and I would have at least 2 mature eggs.

I went for the ultrasound, which was done by a different doctor in the clinic because my usual RE was out for vacation and I waited for 30 minutes past my appointment time before even going back.

I only had one mature egg.


Now, this is normal as women typically produce one mature egg during her cycle. In terms of IUI, though, they would like to see 2-3 eggs to increase the chances of the success of the procedure. My frustration actually began on Monday, the day before my ultrasound, as the clinic did not explain to me the timing of when the insemination would happen and when I needed to obtain the trigger shot. If I hadn’t called the clinic on Monday then I wouldn’t have gotten the trigger shot in time. In fact, I had to overnight it for an extra $20 to ensure that I received it.

$125 spent and I couldn’t even use the damn thing.

When the doctor came in for the ultrasound I started to explain to her my concerns with taking an increased dose of my thyroid medicine as I have still been feeling exhausted and not getting adequate sleep. My regular RE had my blood tested on the June 19th follow-up appointment to check my levels and they were elevated; they wanted to up my dose from 50 mcg to 75 mcg. Of course I have reservations about this because I’m already falling asleep on my car ride home at the end of the day taking 50 mcg. The doctor explained to me that I’m sub-clinical with my thyroid, meaning I pretty much have a “pre-thyroid” condition. My levels aren’t high enough for the average person to need to take meds, but since I’m trying to get pregnant I need to keep my levels down. I didn’t get a clear answer for other alternatives that I could try, leading to me being more upset. She did mention that I could take Armour, a more natural treatment for hypothyroidism, but I would need to consult an endocrinologist to do so. She ended the conversation there and proceeded with the ultrasound. When she said there was only one mature egg she said it was due to being on a low dose of the letrozole.

If I needed to be on a higher dose to have more mature eggs, shouldn’t that have been done to begin with?! It was another wasted cycle. There was no point in doing the IUI with one egg as it doesn’t give his sperm any extra advantage in terms of odds. There wasn’t a point in using the trigger shot if we weren’t doing the IUI either. I could still keep the shot as it will keep in the fridge, but I have no intent to use it anytime soon.

I left my appointment still crying and I called Taylor to tell him what happened. I just sat in my car and sobbed. I was angry and sad. Yet again I felt lost in the shuffle with the clinic and another cycle was completely wasted.

I went back into the clinic and got our most recent records and took the day off of work to re-center. I called another clinic to schedule an appointment, made one, and then didn’t get the needed paperwork signed by Taylor in the time frame that I needed to, so I cancelled the appointment.

We talked about everything and decided to move towards adoption. We want to start a family and we don’t care in what way that happens. We’ll continue to not prevent getting pregnant on our own, but we want to start the foster/adoption process. I contacted the foster care agency and received an e-mail response the next day. We attended our first class on Monday July 3rd and we’re moving forward with this big step. We will complete an adoption home study at the same time we are working towards becoming licensed foster parents so that we  can adopt a child in our care. This will be hard, but worth it. Of course we prefer to have a baby, but will gladly take care of a child who is up to age 8. The classes are 12 weeks long, once a week on Mondays, so we will finish at the end of September. Chances are we could have a placement before the end of the year!

Our family supports us in this decision and we couldn’t be happier. We want to share our love with a child who we can hopefully one day call our own.

This is where we are and I’m so happy to be here.









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