Happy Place

I’ve cried quite a bit this week. Oh what a stressful week it was. I’ve been busy today doing things around and outside the house, but it’s the good kind of busy. Ya know, when you are actually excited to do things and see how they turn out.

I just finished staining a new shelf that Tay built. Before that I cleaned the siding on the house and organized the shed a little. Now I’m sitting outside to take a break.

Listening to the birds…feeling the cool breeze…the warm sun peeking through the tree I’m sitting under… It’s all really beautifully amazing to be honest. When I’m admiring nature, God’s creation, I feel so peaceful. As if nothing stressful that happened before this moment really matters. I’m thankful for peaceful moments like this.

My happy place, as cheesy as it sounds, is when I can be outside and enjoy all of this beauty. I pray that I get thousands more moments like this one.




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