I find myself thinking and writing just before bed…as I’m winding down from the day and enjoying some quiet time.

I recently started following a blog that belongs to a woman named Meagan. Since I get emails whenever she publishes a new post, I find myself reading them at the end of the day during this time. She’s been writing posts using words that start with each letter of the alphabet and I love it. I’m trying to read some of her previous posts to get a better sense of her views and writing style. So far I feel as if we’re alike in our views of the world and how we write about them.

For the letter “F” she wrote about the word faith, you can read her post here, and what she said resonates so well with me. Although I feel as if I write about my faith often, I don’t proclaim it as often in my everyday life such as at work and other public places.

I know this largely stems from not wanting to steer people away from conversing with me. I don’t want them to think I’m going to tell them they’re going to hell if they don’t go to church, yada yada. I cherish the moments, though, that I get to take some time out of my busy work day and talk about church or Jesus or a sermon with a coworker.

Being a social worker can be tough when it comes to talking about this kind of stuff, especially with clients. I generally don’t talk about my faith as it’s not necessarily my role in the relationship. In rare cases, if a client were to bring up a faith-related question, I may answer it. It depends on the client and that moment. I do know that by showing compassion and kindness to those around me whether with clients, family, friends, coworkers or whoever, I know I’m sharing the love of Jesus.

In my heart and soul, I love Jesus. I have no doubt that he has done great things in my life and now our marriage.  I fully believe that if one’s faith is put into His promises for us, then we will receive the desires of our hearts ten-fold.

I think back to when I was involved in youth group at a pentecostal church in my hometown. They are some of the sweetest memories I have and I’ll forever cherish them. Those people made such a difference in my life at that moment and I’ll always be thankful for it.

I want some of that hunger for the Lord back. The closeness I felt to Him then is something I yearn for now.

I’m not ashamed to express my faith here, on this blog. I think for those who follow it understand what I’ll be writing about based upon the name of the blog. It’s important to say that I respect all who are different from me, everyone who encompasses that. I think that’s one of the perks of being a social worker is having compassion for those who are different from me in class, race, gender, and all of the above.

Showing compassion in my posts is a way I think I can draw the attention of many, no matter their beliefs or background. We’re all beautifully and wonderfully made and that’s something to rejoice about.



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