Abide in Him

Today my Mom and I attended a women’s conference at my church, River’s Crossing, which featured Lisa Harper, included women of the church sharing their testimonials, and we also uplifted the Lord in worship.

How empowering it is to come together as the strong women that we are and worship as daughters of Christ.

I can’t begin to tell you how moving Lisa Harper’s words were today. She talked about many of her life experiences and how they relate to scripture in the bible. I’ve never heard her speak before today and she had an awesome way of mixing humor with biblical teaching. The main idea for the conference was talking about how to abide in Him. Since it was a day-long event, it’s hard for me to talk about all of the messages we heard today. The biggest thing that stuck with me, though, is this: Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing.


Before I say this next thing, I want to say that I plan to go more in-depth about our struggle in the journey my husband and I are currently on. This is something so very personal and difficult to talk about, but I’m getting more comfortable about doing so. I plan to either vlog or simply write a blog post about it, I’m not entirely sure just yet. But I’m a firm believer in giving testimonial about the trials one experiences in his or her life; it’s how we grow in our own journey while allowing others to do the same through inspiring words.

Taylor and I are dealing with infertility. Specifically male factor infertility. To see the sadness in my husband’s eyes when he realizes he can’t physically provide something for his wife…I don’t wish it for any woman. This is one thing I never thought would be an issue in my adult life and here it is. We’re still seeing specialists and we know that it is not impossible for us to conceive with a little bit of help. We still have faith. Like I said, I don’t want to go too in-depth right now as I want to stay on track for the focus of this post.

I’ve been saying for the past almost year and a half that we will conceive in God’s timing, not our own. I haven’t fully believed that until today. This trial we’re currently facing is not by accident. I have faith that if we abide by Him and continue on our spiritual journey, we will receive the desires of our hearts.

The worship team sang the popular (and honestly, overplayed) song on the radio called “Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams. I love the song, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I’ll change the station because they tend to overplay it. Even so, when they began to sing that song today, it was like a switch was turned on. God opened my heart to fully commit my faith to his plan for us.

This specific part of the song simply states, “If you believe it, if you receive it, if you can feel it, somebody testify.”

If you believe it, if you receive it…

Ask Him and you shall receive…

The Lord has a funny way of sending you messages when you least expect them. Taylor’s aunt and uncle came to visit last night and while talking to her she said something very similar to that; she said she’s a believer in, “What you think about, you bring about.”

What you pray about, you will bring about.

Ask and you shall receive.

Alright, God, I’m listening.

In order to abide in Him I will continue to keep my faith in His plan for our lives, but, now this is the important part, I will also keep my faith that the timing of that plan will unfold when He knows we’re ready to receive it.




2 thoughts on “Abide in Him

  1. I love this more than you know. God puts things in front of us to challenge if we are ready to receive. You and Taylor are ready. All in Gods time never try to rush him. Always trust in him and know he is present in every step of your life even when it may not feel like he is.
    The hardest part of the struggle you and Taylor are facing is the Disappointment. But just know that without the disappointment you will not truly enjoy what he is about to bestow upon you and your marriage. “Let Go and Let God”.
    Love that you are beginning to share. It’s all part of the journey “You” meant to be taking. ♥️

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