Six Years

Six years ago I was 17, just about ready to graduate high school. That sounds so long ago as I think back on it now.

Six years ago I also started dating my now husband. I guess I should rephrase it, though, and say it’s when we got back together after he graciously took me back.

Now that we’re married we only “officially” celebrate our wedding anniversary. Despite that, I still like to remember this date to think back on how far we’ve come in our relationship, our lives, and our love.

God knew what he was doing when relationships never worked out with guys who I thought I was “in love” with and treated me badly. I needed that one loving, gentle giant to show me how I should really be treated by a man and that it’s easy to have a relationship when the other person truly cares for you.

Taylor has taught me so many things, I could fill pages trying to list all of them. I’m a better person because of him and he reminds me daily to try harder to go with the flow of life.

Six years ago I knew I had someone special by my side, but I never imagined he would love me more with each passing day. My love for him grows the same.

I am enjoying life with you and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else for the past six years. Marriage is a blessing and I’m so thankful we were put into each others lives. I love you.




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