My Fave Moisturizers

Since I wrote a post talking about my favorite cleansers, I thought I’d do one about my favorite moisturizers too! There are just two moisturizers that I use –and absolutely love!

Since I have naturally oily skin, I don’t need heavy duty moisturizers, just something to give moisture back to my skin after cleansing. My skin gets more dry in the winter and in turn I use my moisturizers more frequently. Also, before applying makeup I will use one of the two moisturizers so that there is a barrier between my skin and the foundation. This allows for my foundation to stick to something and last all day long.

Since I’ve started moisturizing after cleansing, my skin is so much happier!

Here are my two moisturizers I go between in my skin care routine:

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream

This little tub has lasted me for so long and I use it so often that the label is wearing off! This is the creamiest, most hydrating product I’ve ever put on my skin. It’s very gentle and does not cause me to break out, which is a huge plus for my acne-prone skin. It has a fresh, clean scent. Like I said before, I use this after cleansing my skin (both at night and after my shower in the morning). It re-hydrates and prevents my skin from freaking out and overproducing oil. My friend who has dry skin uses this as well and it works just as good for her too.Whether  you have dry, oily, combo, or normal skin I think this will work great for you. You can find this at many different drugstores and in many different sized containers. The 6.5 oz jar retails at Target for $4.99.

Jergens Natural Glow – Face

I bought this moisturizer when I bought the natural glow lotion for the body last summer. Even though I’ve stopped using the body lotion as often I still use the face moisturizer, especially in the summer! If you’re not familiar with the body lotion, it has options for different skin tones and the one for the face is the same. The one I have is for fair to medium skin tones. It has SPF 20 and its main purposes are to moisturize and darken the tone of your face. It smells similar to the body lotion and you can smell the sunscreen in it, but it’s not overwhelming. It has a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. It leaves my skin feeling the same way as the Pond’s and I love that it protects my skin from the sun at the same time! This bottle is 2 fl oz and I purchased it from Wal-Mart; it’s listed on for $7.84.

No matter your skin type it’s always important to moisturize after cleansing. Find what works best for you and your skin will thank you! I hope this was helpful in some way!




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