Up To Us

I want to start off this post by saying our lives have been a complete whirlwind the past few months! I’ve had an extended weekend right before the fall semester starts and I think that’s the closest thing to a break, besides the honeymoon, that I’ve had all summer.

I’m STILL waiting to get my hands on wedding pictures, so that’s why I have yet to post gobs and gobs of them. Anyways, things are finally starting to settle down since we’ve moved and we finally feel at home again. Moving out of the city has been the best thing for my anxiety, and our sleep, and I’m so happy we’ve moved!

Alright, now I want to get to the real point of my post. Lately I’ve been getting from a lot of friends and family “advice” about having children. This advice comes with much love and care about Taylor and I as a couple; I know it’s genuine and everyone just wants us to enjoy our marriage, enjoy each other, be able to get up and go whenever we please, wait five years, etc etc.

I agree with all of those statements and I don’t think anyone is wrong for saying things like that to us. But I want to say loud and clear that it’s our decision as a couple when we decide to have children. When we think we’re ready, we’ll be ready according to us. There’s no handbook that says you must wait X amount of time or have X amount of dollars saved up in order to try to have a baby.

For some reason this bothers me (clearly, ’cause why else would I be writing about it on my blog). I always want life advice from others and I truly appreciate it. But as I’m hearing these comments I can’t help but wonder, isn’t it ultimately up to us? Why is there so much stress on the fact that we’re too young right now to have a baby? Where does it say that you have to be a certain age in order to have children?

I’ve also been told from someone I barely know that we need to travel the world and wait until we’re at least 30 to even start thinking about kids. The thought of that isn’t appealing to me at all. I want to feel young and active for as long as I can to be able to run around with my kids.

My writing this is not meant to point out anyone in particular or be hateful towards them if they’re reading this and they know they’ve given us some sort of child bearing advice. I promise to all of our friends and family we ARE enjoying each other, we’re saving money where we can, and our goal is for me to be done with school before we have any children.

We’ll be ready when we’re ready and I truly believe “to each his own” when a couple decides to have their first baby. There’s no right or wrong if a newly married couple has a ‘honeymoon baby’ or if they decide to wait years and years until they do have one.

We expect nothing less than excitement for when we announce “the news” to our family and friends. Let us decide when we give that exciting news! 🙂


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