Life’s Happenings

Since my last post I think I’m still feeling the same feelings now as I did in December. The wedding is just under FOUR months away, graduation is a little over TWO months away, and I’m waiting to hear some news about my grad school application!

This Saturday Mom and I are going to take my dress for its first alteration and later that day we’re going to a hair consultation appointment. I love every part of planning our special day and I cannot believe it’s getting so close! I love that I get to bond with my Mom over it and I know it’s fun for her too. She’s helping me stay on track and I’m so thankful for her help.

Tay and I booked our honeymoon cabin in Gatlinburg! We’re staying for the whole week after the wedding day and I couldn’t be more excited! Be on the look out for our registry information in your invitation. 🙂

Also, the first week of March I’ll be able to buy my cap and gown for graduation!! I found out that our ceremony is in the afternoon for my college, too. At this point I’m just waiting for an e-mail about ticket information so I can see how many people I can invite…

Staying busy with all of this has helped me to grieve the loss of my Uncle a little better. After realizing it had been a month already, I was saddened all over again. I will never understand some things in life, but I’m hoping that with family support and faith in God, I’ll be able to get through this. I can’t say much else that I haven’t already said on Facebook or to my family directly, but I will say that one of my previous posts, If I Could, can be related to my Uncle’s passing as well. I hope you are resting in peace and I will be sure to tell my children about their awesome “great” Uncle.

I guess this post was a bunch of updates on the happenings in my life right now since I haven’t posted for so long. I love posting on my blog and will try to post more often for those of you who read everything! 🙂



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