Busiest Time of my Life

Let me just say this hasn’t been my favorite summer ever. Between dad’s car wreck and working for the rest of the summer after that, it was very stressful and not much of a break. I’ve been trying to manage my stress with being in school mode again and it’s proving to be difficult.

I keep asking myself why I chose my senior year to do all the things I’m doing, like:

Working two jobs, becoming a member of an org, planning a wedding, and having an internship, all while still taking classes and having a normal course load.

Well, I put in my two weeks at the bookstore because I couldn’t take the long days anymore. I’d be gone from about 930 am to 815 pm and I knew I couldn’t keep doing it on a consistent basis. So having one less job will (I hope) give me more time to concentrate on schoolwork and focus on applying for grad school and yes plan my wedding.

My weeks are filled with school and my internship while weekends are usually filled with WEEEDDDDINNGGGGG PLAAAANING. ❤  We are coming up on one year since his proposal and I still feel just as giddy about marrying him as I did then. Things are stressful at times, but we’re finding ways to make things work. I know everything will fall into place and pretty soon, before I know it, I’ll be walking down the aisle….

Even though I’m super busy and running around a lot, I can say the busiest time of my life so far, has been the best. There are so many exciting things going to happen this year and the coming years that I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’m doing exactly what I love with who I love and I have God to thank for all of it.



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