Spring Beauty

It’s been a little while since my last post! The end of the semester is always a stressful, busy time.

Anyways, lately I have been watching videos online about different ways to apply lipstick, lipliner, etc. to get some tips for myself. I have a terrible habit of biting the inside of my lips and I need a way to break it. I figure having something on my lips will make me less likely to mess them up by biting them…

I have bought a couple of lipsticks in the past, but they come off way too easily. One of them is an amazing shade of red, so it’s not something I would wear on a daily basis either. In my search I saw a few women applying lipliner and then lipstick over top of that. Others were using just lipliner as a “lipstick”. I loved the look of that and it seemed like something worth trying.

So with the help of a friend, I chose a shade in a CoverGirl lipliner and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was a little nervous putting it on, but it turned out to be a beautiful color! I wore it for date night this past weekend and Taylor loved it. It’s a perfect shade for spring/summer and it really did help me to stop biting my lips…I was too afraid to mess up the liner so I didn’t mess with them. Even after eating dinner it was still on too!

Plus (this is a huge plus) having the liner on was a huge confidence boost for me. I’ve never been one to wear lipstick or the like on a regular basis, just the usual lip balm and chapstick. Trying something new with my makeup really made me feel great! I don’t have big, full lips so I’ve always thought that lipsticks looked weird on me. But after using this liner, and finding the right shade, I will definitely be wearing this more often!


From Date Night!

From Date Night!


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