The Ideal Doesn’t Exist

I watched this video the other morning and had to share it. It’s about women participating in a photo shoot and then looking at themselves after they’ve been photo shopped. Their reactions to their photoshopped selves are amazing. There are so many quotable phrases that these women say, but I’ll just let you watch it and hear their words for yourself.

I thought the very same things about myself when I was in middle to high school. I constantly read magazines and saw these women in ads and spreads. I wanted to look just like them; their perfect hair & makeup, perfect skin, perfectly shaped bodies looked so… ideal. I wanted to get rid of my so-called imperfections and look flawless. It took until I got a little bit older that I realized the women and girls in those magazines were photoshopped. I stopped wanting to look like them because that’s most likely not how they look in everyday life.

This thought of an “ideal” body image just doesn’t exist.

I’m still learning to love my flaws and I now feel more comfortable in my body, skin, all of the above, than I ever have before. My flaws are what make me who I am. If I looked like someone else, then I wouldn’t be me. So why would I want to look like and be someone else? Sounds so simple right? Yet these flawless images of women in magazines leads young girls to want to strive to look flawless too.

If you have daughters, tell them, and continue to tell them, that they’re beautiful despite their so-called imperfections. Those imperfections exist in models too; tell them those images aren’t real, but altered. Daughters: I promise you your mothers aren’t just saying that because “they have to”. You are beautiful the way you are.

We as girls and women constantly criticize our flaws as we look at ourselves in the mirror. God simply shakes his head and says “But I made you in my image. Don’t you see the beauty I’ve created?”

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I need to tell that to myself, and other women, everyday.


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