Warm Hands

I’ll start this post with a little disclaimer: If you don’t want to read what may be perceived as cheesy, sappy, eye-roll-worthy, and all of the above, please stop reading now! 🙂

I decided to write that disclaimer because I know how annoying it can be to see sappy-filled pictures, posts, statuses, etc. on Facebook day in and day out while you’re a single man/woman at the time. I sincerely think it’s a whole different story when you’re in a relationship, especially a serious one.

Our three-year anniversary is coming up and I can’t believe it. Lately, since becoming engaged, I have been enjoying the little, special moments between us more and more. These moments make me love Taylor more than I did just a minute before.

A couple days ago we were going to the grocery together and it was when it was very cold again. I hadn’t started my car in awhile, so it was having trouble getting warm once we were actually on the way to the store. I get cold so easily, so I made sure to dress in layers and all that good stuff. We were at least halfway to the store and my hands/fingers were so bitterly cold, they were starting to hurt. I took my gloves off and was trying to warm them up with the heat in my car while stopped at the light.

Well Taylor (a.k.a. my knight in shining armor) decides to grab my hand and cover them with his.

It’s so unbelievable how warm his hands are… he has no gloves on. It was as if we hadn’t been outside in the negative degree cold at all. His hands quickly warm up mine and I give him my left hand to warm up too. I am watching the light for when it turns green and out of the corner of my eye I see Tay looking at and touching my ring. I look at his hand, then at him, and I think I gave him a quick kiss, I can’t remember! (haha)

But in that moment when I caught him looking at my ring, my cold hand in his warm one, my heart fell in love with him even more. We are similar in a lot of ways, but we are also different. I love our similarities just as much as our differences. We help balance each other out and we will always continue to work on that in our relationship.

In this case, I am so thankful for my cold hands. Without them, he wouldn’t have anything to warm up with his big, warm hands. Those same hands that comfort me, hug me, and lift me up when I need it most. Oh how I love this man.

Happy (almost) three years to the man who has a special part of my heart forever. I love you.


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