Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s been a little while since I’ve made a post! Life gets so busy. To bring you up to speed….

I got 12 inches of hair cut off and donated it to Pantene.
I got engaged<3<3
Heaven gained an angel over the holidays.
I finished yet another semester with Dean’s List.
My fiance and I signed a lease for our first apartment!

I cannot believe I have just three semesters left in my undergrad. Freshman year I thought, “Geeze, now I have to start all over again”. I thought it would go by so slow and it would feel like ages before I finished college. Now I’m getting things started with my field placement in an agency for Senior year. Pretty soon I’ll be graduating with my BSW and on my way to get my Master’s…

I also recently met with a case manager at City Gospel Mission to talk about volunteering and am now in the process of getting involved with the shelter. Workshops are being created to help the homeless men with various life skills. I couldn’t be more excited to get involved with the homeless community and try to do something in these men’s lives. I don’t know how much of an influence I’ll actually have, but it’s worth it to try.

I’m so ready to get my career started and I’m looking forward to see where it takes me!


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