To Cut or Not to Cut….

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately: Should I cut my hair or keep my long Rapunzel locks?

It didn’t take me all that long to grow it out. Probably about two years, maybe a little less. I keep weighing the pros and cons of cutting it.

Some pros to cutting it:

-I can donate it and give to Locks of Love as I have in the past
-It won’t be as hot in the summer
-Less money spent on shampoo/conditioner
-Less TIME spent on fixing it

Some cons:

-I simply love having it this long (it touches the top of my pants now)
-My boyfriend loves it long, as does the rest of my family
-Compliments about it from strangers help boost my confidence if I’m having a bad day
-It keeps my head/neck so warm in the winter

I don’t know if I can bring myself to cut it just yet. I KNOW it’s just hair. It WILL grow back. But like any girl, I’ve grown an attachment to my hair and I think I would be that girl crying as she gets it cut off. My boyfriend will still love me whether I have long or short hair, that’s not the issue. But if I get it cut, I’m going for at least ten inches so I can donate it. That means I’ll have it short (that is what he won’t like). Even John, Taylor’s dad, is just as adamant about me keeping it long…which is kind of amusing when I mention cutting it off he givess me “a look”.

I know it’s my hair and I’m the one who will be wearing it whatever way I have it, not anyone else. So I guess it’s a matter of when the timing is right and I have my big girl panties on to go and get it done. Hair is hair, it grows back. I will keep it this long for awhile longer then likely go and get it cut…..

……maybe. (sigh)

As I argue with myself you can enjoy these pictures of my long hair.

~How long it is down my back


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