Jeff is Coming to Town!

“Don’t say anything mean about me”, is what my cousin says to me when I tell him I’m writing a post about him. He’s my oldest cousin out of three, on my mom’s side, and he’s definitely worth giving him his own post. Of course I love all three of my cousins, but Jeff has talked to and kept in touch with me the most since we’ve all gotten older. Part of it has to do with the fact my other two cousins have a wife and a fiancé so their lives are separate with them, which is totally understandable. One thing I like to say to people when talking about my cousins is that they are Filipino. Usually I get a weird look because clearly I’m not. I have to then explain that Jeff and my aunt are full Filipino while my other two cousins are half….my uncle is my mom’s brother who married my aunt after meeting her in the Philippines. I love them all and I’m so happy my uncle met them, essentially bringing them into my life.

Alright. Now I’m done being sappy.

He’s coming into town from Virginia on July 4th and is staying for a week! Being the planner that I am, I planned out what we’ll be doing each day he’s in town so we can do as many things in Cincy as we can. I couldn’t be more excited since it’s been a year since we saw each other. Last summer we all went to Outerbanks in North Carolina and it was such a great time. Although I like the Florida beaches better, I can now say I’ve been to OBX and loved it. Only one of my other cousins, Jeromy, was able to come so it’s been even longer since I’ve seen Danny. He was married last October and I couldn’t go because of being in classes. I wish I could see all three of them, but I know they are busy with their own lives too. Both Jeff and my uncle, and I’m sure my other cousins, thought I just finished my freshman year of college. In reality I’m going into my third year this fall. So that just goes to show how young they still think I am 😉

We’re planning to go to a Reds game, Kings Island, and of course eat some Gold Star since he doesn’t have that where he lives. He’s crazy fun with a good heart, like my other cousins. He’s just like another older brother and would try to protect me if necessary. He told me he also lost weight and I’m so proud of him for that…but he still looks like a goof nonetheless.

I’m sure we’ll take some pictures while he’s in town..those will follow soon after. I couldn’t be more excited to see him! And yes, Jeff, I had to post that picture of us in the canoe… Drive safe and see you soon!

Jeff and I ~Two summers ago!

Pennsylvania ~Two summers ago

Jeromy and Danny boy ~Also two summers ago


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