So today is two weeks since my wisdom teeth surgery! I remember absolutely nothing after they put the IV in my arm, so that was a huge relief. I vaguely remember being covered up with a blanket after my surgery and a woman putting new gauze in my mouth. The car ride home my mom said I kept telling her I had to pee really bad, and I cried a little too. The medicine they sedated me with and the pain medication made me really emotional. I cried for no reason even when I wasn’t in much pain. I didn’t need to take pain medicine very much and I went a few days without it before I had a lot of pain the night before we picked my brother up from the airport… I don’t see how people can actually get addicted to medication like that because it made me so dizzy and nauseous. I was miserable!

After that night I started to feel better. My swelling wasn’t too bad, my cheeks got the biggest the day after my surgery, and my face bruised a little too. I’ve been slowly eating more foods…I’m still nervous about eating crunchy foods. I’ve always had jaw problems so my right side has been mildly hurting along my jaw and gum where they took my teeth out. Doing a lot of activity still seems to bother my mouth and bending down to pick something up makes all the blood rush there which hurts a little too. I’m hoping to feel 100% again soon….


My swollen cheeks....but still smiling!

I can’t thank my mom enough for taking care of me. I know it hurt both of my parents to see me in pain and cry for no reason (from the medicine). I know that just because I’m almost 20 and “on my own” in college doesn’t mean I’m still not my momma’s baby and she isn’t there to take care of me….cause she is! Thanks mom! My sweet boyfriend brought me white roses and a sweet card….both of which made me cry because it was the day of my surgery that he came to see me. Visits from Lisa and Tanner made my day better too….even though they laughed at my big cheeks too 😉

I’m hoping to feel completely better soon…summer is practically here and I want to enjoy the warm weather!



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