Lessons Learned

Well everyone learns lessons, sometimes the hard way and other times the easy way. My lesson learned just recently: If something sounds sketchy, it probably is.

I got hired at Vector Marketing as a receptionist and could not regret it more. The pay for the job was great and I started out with a lot of hours. We are told we aren’t telemarketers, but I couldn’t have felt more like one. Given scripts and some handwritten lists of peoples’ names and numbers, I was to sit and call people for eight hours a day with not much time to take a break. The people I was calling were friends of those who had been hired for the representative position to sell Cutco knives. The hired representatives literally write down all the contacts in their phone on a piece of paper and then the “receptionists” of the office called those people to offer them a job too. The lists were people who had been called for maybe the past three summers… and I was calling them again.

Now I wasn’t paid based upon how many interviews I set up with people and I didn’t get penalized for not scheduling anyone. A receptionist is not someone who makes calls all day. I didn’t realize I would be making so many calls to people who didn’t even know who I was. Receptionists may make a few calls, but they mainly receive calls and do light office work.  A normal office doesn’t need twelve receptionists either, which is how many they intended to have hired total. The office was extremely small and could barely fit five of us comfortably without having to yell over each other on the phone.

It also seemed I was being expected to make my whole life about this company. All I wanted was a job for the summer to make some extra cash. My paycheck and stub were very unprofessional; it was a personal, handwritten check from my boss’ account and it even had his personal address on it. I also received a handwritten paper that stated what taxes had been taken out of my pay. My schedule was given to me handwritten and on a post-it note.

Let’s be real. Of all the places I have worked, I have learned that this alone should raise some red flags. I was trying to convince myself that the representative position was what was the “pyramid scam” and the receptionist position wasn’t like that. What was being required of me, scheduling people for interviews and not telling them what the position entailed; that “it would be explained in the informational interview with the manager”, was very deceitful. I didn’t feel right at all giving these people false hope of a promising job.

I was expected to be on conference calls very early in the morning, which I was never told during training, and also had to bring my own laptop to work so I could schedule the people on their website for their interviews. There weren’t more than two office computers available to use. I was labeled “unreliable” by my boss because I didn’t give “24 hour notice” for not being able to go to a non-mandatory conference in Louisville because I was sick. (I’m so sorry I didn’t get sick within your 24-hour window to be able to give notice).

Bottom line…do not work with Vector Marketing. If you don’t care to sit for eight straight hours, which kills your back by the way,  and call people to deceive them into a job interview where they won’t make any profit from in the long run….then by all means work for them. I canceled my representative interview after researching the company and finding that it’s just a horrible pyramid scam and I should have known better than to work with them as a receptionist.

Might I add…the receptionist who called me for that interview, and was still working when I got hired, was extremely pushy in getting me in for a same-day interview. This isn’t really her fault, it’s the manger of the office and the company itself. They are so set on getting people in on the same day that she literally wouldn’t take no for an answer even after I told her it was my dad’s birthday that day and I couldn’t come in. This just gives a little taste of how anxious they are to hire you and get you sucked in and also how they don’t care about your personal life whatsoever.

I worked two days after I was paid for my training and I will be shocked if I get paid for those two days. My boss said he would mail me my check for those two days….so we’ll see if I get that money. If not, I will sure as heck be driving my little butt down there and demanding that money!

I hope writing all of this has shown how shady and sketchy this company is and you shouldn’t work for them in any aspect. They put up fliers on college campuses and hook you in by saying you get $15 per hour or appointment guaranteed for a summer job through workforstudents.com. I would advise to not apply and ignore the ads and fliers.

I think this is the longest post I have made so far, but it was well worth it to show how much of a scam this company is. The things you read from people online are mainly true and you should believe them! I have returned to the call center here on campus to work and I know they aren’t shady with the way they have us call people. I think I have said enough and this has definitely been a lesson well learned….


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