Wisdom Teeth…Eek!

This dreaded day has finally come for me. Only a few lucky people get to keep their wisdom teeth and not be bothered by them. So why do I have to get them removed when they’re not even bothering me?? I keep asking that question and I keep getting the same answer (from my mom) “They NEED to come out!” So in about a week from now I will be going to the oral surgeon to get these things ripped out of my gums. I am trying to be a big girl, but I am deathly afraid of needles, being unconscious, and blood. Which getting wisdom teeth surgery includes ALL of those… at least for me.

I will be “lightly sedated” with an IV and then will have them cut out. My two bottom ones are coming in sideways, going into my back molars, so they would eventually cause me major pain if I didn’t get them out now. The swelling, pain, and potential things that could go wrong are freaking me out to say the least. Never having any kind of surgery, ever, I did not want this to be my first. A part of me wants to be back in the stone age when I would actually need these teeth and could keep them….

I’ve told LISA and my MOM: NO VIDEOS! I don’t want anything embarrassing I say to be caught on video or any pictures of my chipmunk cheeks to be taken either. I’m sure whatever I say will be funny, but I don’t want to have anything totally embarrassing of me on camera. I know…I’m not very fun. Right now I’m just hoping for a quick recovery and no major problems…I have no idea how I’ll react to the surgery so I hope it’s minimal pain and no bruising, etc.

Please be praying for me! I get them out next Friday… it’s going to creep up fast on me. I’ll be sure to post how I’m feeling post-surgery.



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