I wish…

I wish I had more time to do all the things I want to do! I have been so busy lately, hence why I haven’t made a post on here for awhile.

As you may know I’ve started to sell Park Lane jewelry! I understand talking about it a lot and always posting about it can get extremely annoying. Although that’s true it’s something that I’m really excited about doing because we really have beautiful jewelry and, more importantly, it is giving me a paycheck. Every little thing counts for me right now and I am trying to save as much as I can while I get my business going and pay for everything college is sucking out of me. So…..

***Another opportunity for me to mention Park Lane***

This month is especially rewarding if you book your own get together with me anytime between April 17th and April 24th you can get……
***TRIPLE Hostess credit per order… this means more $$$ to spend on FREE jewelry!
***DOUBLE thank you gifts…instead of just one thank you gift you get to choose TWO pieces, which some are valued at $100+ , for just $14!!!
Your lovely friends can get a FREE bonus item starting at our $30 level

I am so excited about these awesome deals and I want to share them with you! I may sound like I’m just trying to get your money, but it’s more than that…I want to make each lovely lady in my life feel beautiful because jewelry never goes out of style! It’s so easy with our sale plan and it’s so easy to host a get together and earn FREE jewelry JUST for inviting some girlfriends over for a couple of hours. I love this company I have just started working with and want to show you what it has to offer! BOOK today between those dates and get those awesome rewards mentioned above 🙂
***Park Lane pitch over***

Park Lane has taken up a little bit more of my time, as any new thing does. It’s something so easy to do once you learn the ropes and get comfortable with everything. It’s an investment, time-wise and money-wise, but definitely worth it in the end. Doing this on top of school and recent modeling things, I have been so very busy. Over the weekend I bought some “grown-up” dress clothes so I can wear them while showing Park Lane. I’ve had dress pants and a dressy skirt for awhile, but the pants aren’t solid so I wanted to get some that were. I also haven’t had many dress shirts so I got some great deals on adorable “grown-up” shirts at New York & Company. I can’t wait to wear them 🙂

Recently I did a shoot, very spur of the moment, with Inclusion Magazine. I’m also walking in the spring launch event for them NEXT weekend…it’s creeping up so fast! I can’t say enough have grateful I am for this opportunity. I don’t get many so I’m so happy it’s happening. {Check out my model page on Facebook to see pictures from the shoot: Kirsten C}

School is finally coming to end and I am SO ready for it. There are just two weeks left for the semester and then I have one day of finals during finals week. It couldn’t be over soon enough, but I know I will look back on these years when I’m graduating and think how fast the time has flown. So many great things are happening in my life and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me next! Look for my next post soon……



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