Blog or No Blog?

Lately I’m wondering if I should keep writing on this blog or not. I have this amazingly huge journal I bought forever ago and I used to write in it every now and then whenever I got the chance. I love the book and love writing things with pencil and paper. I wanted to make a blog because I thought it would be a neat idea to create my own page and write daily on it. I just like writing on paper so much more….

I’m writing a paper for my English class (and by writing I mean typing) about a “literacy event” in my life and how different aspects of our writing may have changed or something along those lines. There are a lot of different ways we can write the paper so I’ll just leave it at that. It got me thinking of how I used to write in a little diary for most of my childhood and how I occasionally still write in one today. But mainly it got me thinking how much I miss writing on paper. Typing on here and sharing my posts with the few people who actually read them is nice. I guess I like using paper and no one but myself reading it. I mainly miss writing on a piece of paper and doing the writing myself rather than typing it online.

I know it’s not very “green” of me, but I guess I’m set in my old-fashioned ways of how I was brought up writing. Something so little as what way we choose to write our thoughts and share things with people is such a big deal. I might possibly make this my last post….not making this whole idea of a blog very long-lasting. I often change my mind so maybe I will keep posting. Or maybe I will keep writing in my journal…..



Tell me what you think!

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