Wow, so I just realized I haven’t posted for a week now…

Getting used to this semester’s schedule has seemed more difficult this time around. It might have to do with having zero motivation to do just about everything. I am finding myself having to literally force myself to do my school work. I need to get out of this slump… but I finally went to the Rec for a run with Tay this weekend and it felt really great. We plan to go again tomorrow morning so I hope we can keep it up. I’m also hoping it’s going to help me stay motivated.

I put in my two weeks at my job at the Call Center earlier this week too. I had a mini-meltdown because of being so overwhelmed with classes; all of my homework that I needed to do and I wasn’t able to do it because it was online homework yet I had to work instead. I was only working three days a week, but it makes it hard when the classwork is difficult for me to understand. My boss was completely understanding, but I feel like I let her down. She’s new to the center so I didn’t want her to get the wrong impression of me. I plan to go back to work in the summer when I’ll be out of classes so I hope it will be better then.

I think I just need to focus on school and worry about that for this semester. I know God never gives you more than you can handle, but I felt like work and school this semester was too much. Also, being a T.A. for a psych class this semester will need me to do some more work that needs my full effort…

I want to be able to do it all, but I know I can’t so I need to realize that. My mom has told me, “You have the rest of your life to work, it’s up to you if you want to work during school. School always comes first though.” Mom knows best, huh?


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