Fashion Angels

This weekend I’m walking in a charity fashion show called Fashion Angels! I’m so excited to be walking in this show and supporting the Beautiful Minds, Free Store Food Bank, and American Cancer Society charities. This is a great opportunity to support these charities and see some great fashion too….you can go to for more information. I’m walking the 4th and 5th (Friday & Saturday) if you want to see me walk! I have been promoting the crap out of this event just like everyone else so please come and enjoy yourself to start off the new year!

I’m getting kind of nervous as this event approaches… I don’t want to fall on my face or look like a fool while I’m walking since it’s been so long since I have done runway. I’m practicing a little bit, but it won’t be the same as in the tall heels I’ve been given to walk in for the show. The outfits I’m wearing are absolutely gorgeous; one that I’m wearing is the fishtail dress I shot in my recent shoot (the picture is the first one on my modeling page, I believe) and I can’t wait for you to see it in person! My nerves will be going crazy, but hopefully they subside after practicing in the room where the show will be. The clothing at the show will be amazing, I’m sure of it, so come on out and support these charities with me! I can’t wait to start off the new year with this awesome show… Hope to see you there and have a happy New Year!!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Angels

  1. Thank you so much Uncle Danny! That made me feel better. And the fact someone is actually reading what I post makes me feel a little better too 🙂 Happy New Year…hope to see you soon.

  2. Don’t worry I know you’ll do great. Your beauty and generosity will do well for the charities involved. Happy New Year!!

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